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Girles Metaverse Enters in 2nd Round after raising 1.2 Million in first Round of presale

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Girles Metaverse Enters in 2nd Round after raising 1.2 Million in first Round of presale

November 09
16:05 2022

It’s become a firm belief that Metaverse is the future, and the building process defines how various applications work. Post-Covid 19 pandemic era, we have a new vision of 3D internet in the spotlight. 

Organizations are becoming the concept of virtual space sharing, even in the business context, and it’s normal that within five years, 20% of people will start spending at least one hour in the Metaverse and its activities. That includes work experiences built on the platforms adopted during the pandemic to support remote work.

Especially important is that metaverses are interoperable and not device-dependent, Resnick said. Right now, however, they are very siloed and need to be fixed.

What to expect in the future

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is investing aggressively in Web3.0, the next-generation IT infrastructure enabling 3D immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences. As with any emerging technology, other experimentation will happen before the space is mature. Some metaverse startups will fail in the process, while others will have higher stakes.

There has been a lot of extreme vitality in the consumer market, and we all must remain cautious about the promise of metaverse platforms before the concept fades and flops for a good 20 years. It will be interesting to see the enterprise space because we have new concerns to address while dealing with a highly distributed workforce and collaborative offerings.

The metaverse-based avatars can help people participate and interact better without getting tired as they allow walking around naturally through simulation with a sense of physical sense. People are more curious about the project, especially understanding the platform and thinking about the obstacles and outcomes.

The curious case of Girles Metaverse

Girles Metaverse is a trending crypto presale of the decentralized NFT GameFi token that has emerged, in the 2nd stage of the presale, increasing the price by +22.87%. Before starting the round, the experts held the first AMA with the developers and discussed the intentions and goals of the Girles Metaverse.

Minted on the Ethereum network, Girles Token is a decentralized NFT GameFi token, which is now available to investors on the website.

The NFT team developers offer its investors a unique product, where NFT can be not only the writer’s works but also lands / game things that can also be utilized in P2E games. In NFT Staking, whereby identifying NFT on staking, investors will acquire Girles Tokens, and in the future, can bring back the NFT, as well as to the NFT Box, and NFT Burning, whereby burning NFT on the Ethereum platform, investors acquire exclusive bonuses.

The girl’s Token project raised over USD 1.2 million in the first token sale round and continues to delight investors for upcoming rounds.

To participate in the investment rounds, use the links below:

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