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Council members alerted the spread of nitrous oxide

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Council members alerted the spread of nitrous oxide

September 14
15:25 2022


Canisters found in the city’s north and east arouse alarms.

The usage of laughing gas continues to spread, according to council members.

Recent discoveries of canisters in the city’s north and east have prompted concerns and aroused alarms.

As a result of the discovery of empty cartridges in East Belfast, there are growing concerns that a new adolescent fad of inhaling nitrous oxide gas is becoming more widespread.

Following reports from local citizens and councilors, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) published the following statement on social media: 

“We have several tiny, empty, violet and silver gas type cylinders in the King George sports fields area.”

“It has come to our attention that some young individuals may be making potentially hazardous use of these canisters. Because we do not wish for anyone to suffer as a result of careless behavior, we are requesting that parents keep a watchful eye out for their children, have open conversations with them regarding substance misuse, and make their children aware of the potential risks.”

“If you find any canisters of this kind, it is imperative that you get securely rid of them. Please contact us at the number 101 if you need any additional guidance or have any issues.”

Nitrous oxide sometimes referred to as “laughing gas,” is a form of an anesthetic gas that is utilized in the treatment of pain. When consumed for recreational purposes, it offers a significant danger of the user losing consciousness and suffocating due to an inadequate supply of oxygen.

Nitrous oxide consumption on a consistent and heavy basis might result in a lack of vitamin B12 and severe nerve damage. The gas is often swallowed through a balloon, and several people in the UK have passed away as a result of consuming it.

The feeling one gets while high has frequently been compared to that of being in a trance. When coming out of the trance-like condition, users frequently experience feelings of laughter and giggling because they receive the impression that they are falling or being pulled up into the sky.

The most recent discovery was brought to the attention of the police by East Belfast Councillor George Dorrian. His statement was as follows:

 “I was approached by residents concerned about youngsters gathered in King George playground.”

“I was requested to perform a morning walk this morning with a local citizen, and we found many of the little canisters that are being sold primarily online. These canisters pose a serious threat to those who use them to inhale, and I was concerned about this because I was requested to do the morning walk.”

“I noticed earlier this week that these were found in large numbers in North Belfast, and we should do everything we can to alert families aware of the hazards of inhaling the gas,” she said. “I saw previously in the week that these were located in North Belfast.”

“It is imperative that anyone who has any knowledge on those selling inform the authorities. In the same vein, though, if any children are concerned once they have consumed this substance, they should seek counsel and assistance.”

Councillor Dorrian stated that ever since he reported the situation to the authorities and posted about it on social media, he has received several notifications from people in Dundonald and Bangor. They have also discovered several empty canisters in public areas.

A picture of some hidden and unused laughing gas was shared on social media earlier this week by Paul McCusker, a councilor for the North Belfast ward. In a tweet, he said, 

“Thanks to the resident in Ardoyne for sending boxes of leftover nitrous oxide cylinders after locating them concealed on the street.” 

He had found the cylinders on the street. These will now be thrown away; nevertheless, despite your belief that breathing in this gas is a ton of fun, doing so can be detrimental to your health. Think about it before you act.”

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