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0xScope – Re-Create the Web3 Data Layer with Knowledge Graphs

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0xScope – Re-Create the Web3 Data Layer with Knowledge Graphs

September 13
10:04 2022

Since the advent of Ethereum, crypto entrepreneurs have been claiming to build a new “Internet of Value”. In fact, there’s still a long way to go: Although the on-chain data is public and verifiable, it can only provide real value after in-depth data analysis and parsing.

At present, the web3 data analysis industry is mostly focused on-chain data and based on single addresses while different teams are working on their own separate method. The decentralized production relationship brings fragmentation of data and a lack of standardization. This leads web3 data analysis to a dilemma.

Under such an industry landscape, a data and identity layer with a strong consensus protocol is urgently needed to accelerate the integration and penetration of Web3 silo data, thus promoting the spontaneous and large-scale adoption of Web3.

In that way, what characteristics should such a data or identity standards layer necessarily have? We believe there are at least two characteristics:

– High use value; data organized in a meaningful way for easy retrieval and utilization

– Data integrity; large data size and multi-dimensional data source

These characteristics will lead to a higher and higher level of utilization of data throughout the industry, thus hopefully stimulating a positive feedback loop and eventually co-create a new data layer.

Therefore, we design our technology and product architecture based on these insights

– Data source: 0xScope Protocol is the first Web3 Knowledge Graph protocol, which integrates Web3/Web2 data into the same layer based on semantic structure.

– Data governance layer: We use a set of weight clustering algorithms based on graph processing and deep learning to group addresses that are highly related to a specific address (EOA) into an entity.

– Application layer: Watchers is the first product developed based on 0xScope and provide entity-based tools and dashboards — address clustering,  VC/whale/risk entity tracking, etc.

– Algorithm layer: Based on semantic data sets such as user portraits, we can develop various algorithms more efficiently including address monitoring, anti-money laundering, accurate user recommendation, and other scenarios.

0xScope contribution to the Web3 ecosystem

As you can see, we expect 0xScope to be a completely new data layer in two aspects:

– From the address-based to the entity-based paradigm, the scale of Web3 data will also experience the Gartner curve and carry out the first wave of integration.

– It serves as a standardized solution to connect and use Web2 and Web3 data, thus providing a more accurate picture of the real Web3 world. Thus, it helps developers read and analyze data efficiently and cost-effectively, derive actionable insights, and unlock the potential value of Web3 open data and comparability.

0xScope’s data and models can be consumed and applied directly to investors、consumers or companies, this application will, in turn, enhance our algorithm.

Watchers First application built on the 0xScope Knowledge Graph

Data empowers investment decisions: Watchers will have full information and powerful address penetration capabilities to clearly delineate the deeper structure, behavior, and relationships of the web3 network.

You can learn more about how to use Watchers here: Enhanced Due Diligence, Industry Analysis, Market and User Insights, Transaction Data Monitoring, Hacker Tracking, and Risk Control…


B2B data service —  Empower Your Digital Solutions with a powerful API

0xScope-B2B data service has three categories, namely, Standard Financial Risk Control and AML Products, Customized full-process marketing services, Data Docking and Governance Solutions.

You can view the 0xScope B2B Data Service Deck for details:

Deck: (scope-b2b)

The positive feedback loop for 0xScope may be like this

More and more applications will continue to adopt us. As more and more developers use our APIs to optimize or develop their applications: the size of the data in the Knowledge Graph will continue to expand, the tag library will continue to be enriched, the address imputation algorithms will become more accurate, and 0xScope’s portrayal and understanding of the facts of the entire crypto world will continue to grow and deepen …

To get involved :

We believe 0xScope is one of the pioneers in the significant paradigm changes in Web3. The power of collective intelligence is crucial. Therefore, we are opening an innovation network around this vision.

– If you are an investor: try out Watchers now!

– Watchers Website

– If you need our custom data products and services, please contact us!

– If you want to build with us and co-create the future generation of Web3 Data Layer, we are looking forward to hearing from you

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