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BOC Sciences Enzymatically Cleavable Linkers – A Promising Strategy in ADC Development

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BOC Sciences Enzymatically Cleavable Linkers – A Promising Strategy in ADC Development

August 05
06:05 2022
Having been dedicating itself to helping every customer facilitate their antibody-drug conjugate project in a highly productive and cost-effective way, BOC Sciences offers flexible ADC enzymatically cleavable linkers at competitive prices and quality.

New York, USA – August 4, 2022 – Enzymatically cleavable linkers have superior plasma stability, winning them significant attention in ADC development. Particularly, with the ability to selectively release payloads in the lysosomes of target cells, they have been thoroughly investigated for promising applications.

BOC Sciences displays astonishing expertise in enzymatically cleavable linker development with extensive services to design various categories that are adaptive to distinctive needs:

Cathepsin B Cleavable Linkers/Peptide Linkers

In line with the antibody, payload, and target, BOC Sciences can provide highly customized design services for customers requiring cathepsin B cleavable linkers. The principle it always follows is to determine the most suitable linker based on the efficacy and toxicity of an individual ADC module.

Phosphatase Cleavable Linkers

Due to their high stability in blood and high reactivity in the lysosomal environment, phosphatase cleavable linkers are regarded as an effective antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) linker type. BOC Sciences has served worldwide partners with tailored phosphatase cleavable linker design services, seeking to support research in related fields, such as anti-CD70 ADC development.

ß-Glucuronidases Cleavable Linkers

With enriched experience in ADC development and linker technologies, BOC Sciences has successfully generated a ß-Glucuronide linker system with diverse options for customers. These glucuronide linkers are proved to exhibit greater efficacy in vivo.

ß-Galactosidase Cleavable Linkers

BOC Sciences is capable of designing ß-galactosidase cleavable linkers for various payloads, i.e. Auristatin and Calicheamicins. Besides, it has cultivated a series of novel methods for the design, synthesis, purification, and analysis of ß-galactosidase cleavable linkers for human antibodies.

Sulfatase Cleavable Linkers

BOC Sciences is able to synthesize high-quality sulfatase cleavable linkers targeting different payloads, antibodies, and tumors. Researchers assisted by solid support are glad to see smooth progress towards their destinations.

“We are proud of the diverse enzymatically cleavable linkers, which, in combination with chemically labile linkers and non-cleavable linkers, collectively make up our full linker list,” said a BOC Sciences specialist. “But we never stand still with those accomplishments. Our BOC Sciences expert team is now perfecting the linker design details by making correct adjustments of critical linker parameters to better balance the stability and payload release efficiency.” Every step of the optimization is essential since it leads to the ultimate successful ADC drug development.


BOC Sciences is a global ADC development company with offices, labs, supply chains, partners, etc. distributed worldwide. It possesses excellent and comprehensive ADC services, involving antibody modification and conjugation, ADC payload development, payload-linker synthesis, ADC conjugation, ADC characterization and manufacture.

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