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Freakzz – Game Of Thrones designers team up to create 10000 NFTs for an upcoming Play-To-Earn online game

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Freakzz – Game Of Thrones designers team up to create 10000 NFTs for an upcoming Play-To-Earn online game

June 23
00:21 2022

Freakzz will soon see the light of day to transport gaming and NFT enthusiasts worldwide into a new dimension. With its NFT collection of 9999 zombies, aliens, ghosts, and vampires on the Ethereum blockchain, the game aims to revive the essence of a classic vintage videogame into Web3.

The 3 artists behind the collection, Leonardo Vitti, Anthony Sieben and Tom Nicolas Herzig previously worked for the iconic series Game of Thrones but also for Disney and Marvel movies. Together, they designed a series of 9999 humanoid creatures with a clean, 3D style. Alex Huertas, the CEO of Freakzz, is a Spanish entrepreneur from Barcelona who created Northweek, an eyewear brand. His company expanded so quickly that it was later bought by the successful market giant, Hawkers. Alex recently developed a strong interest in the ever-growing realm of blockchain. His wish was to reignite his favourite videogame as a teenager all while giving it a twist of modernity.

Accessible to all, on browsers, players choose their creature to attack their opponents using unique spells. To win this fun explosive frenzy, players fight to be the last one standing!

In the wake of the global pandemic and travel restrictions, the world’s economy has slowly shifted to digital. As a matter of fact, certain industries such as online gaming are being redefined due to the digital currency revolution. Today, digital currencies allow online players to win online assets or coins that can be converted into real-world capital. It evidently offers a new perspective on games since they can be quantified and monetized.

The economic power of Freakzz revolves around the USDT Stablecoin. The USDT currency, represented as tokens, are collected once you defeat all players in the battle arena. If you win, you earn tokens which can be used to buy character assets like powerful items in their built-in marketplace.

The highly anticipated online NFT game is designed in two modes:

1) Play-For-Fun: Available to all, for free, on browsers. Choose your Freak and attempt to defeat all players in the arena anywhere, anytime. In addition to that, players will get the chance to compete in a unique weekly tournament, where the top 10 players are rewarded with USDT tokens.

2)  Play-To-Earn: Owning  an NFT grants you access to the full game version where players will be eligible to stake a sum of money. The winner will obtain the total amount wagered by all players.

The NFT gaming space will continue to grow and become more widely adopted. Freakzz enables you to monetize your experience while playing, and create a blockchain ecosystem. Blast it out like never before in this explosive frenzy to be the last one standing!

Visit their website today to discover an exciting new challenge. Follow Freakzz on Twitter for the latest updates.

DISCLAIMER: NFTs are an emerging asset class that is still evolving. The information in this article should not be construed as investment or financial advice. Always do your own research before making any decision to buy, sell or trade NFTs.

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