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Viide Exhibites Vision of Building a Web3 Utility

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Viide Exhibites Vision of Building a Web3 Utility

April 29
21:17 2022

The Web3 landsacpe is going to be changed by Viide, who is just sounding the clarion of Web3 utility.

The world is experiencing the paradigm shift from Web2 to Web3. The ground has been paved by infrastructure builders and they remain in the spotlight of Web3. With plenty of ecosystem projects emerging, the market is calling for more functioning utilities to fuel the growing ecosystem. The outburst of NFT and GameFi has proven that the value and potential of Web3 infrastructure could only be realized through utilities.

Viide has put its focus on Web3 advertising, with a landing product called Viide Frame – a decentralized NFT frame.

How is NFT related to Web3 advertising? The team believes that NFTs represent individual attention. Unlike ads in Web2 such as e-mail spam, NFT is linked with a price as a financial good, people will give it attention and repeatedly check on it. This could change the business in decades to come.

Let’s take a look at the status quo. Web2 digital advertising is dominated by entrenched incumbents, crippled by data fraud and stealth. Over 70% of digital advertising spend goes to Google, Facebook and Amazom. 60% of millennials have installed ad blockers to escape pop-up interruptions. Cost of gaining consumer attention has escalated by 8 times in the past 2 decades. 50B dollars are lost globally due to bots and click fraud. Web2 advertising is in need of an urgent overhaul.

This could be changed in Web3, especially with Viide. As a Web3-native utility, Viide is aligned with authenticity and privacy.

Real asset lies in the wallet. On-chain activity could not be faked. Instead of pushing users to buy stuff they don’t need, Viide uses trustworthy on-chain data to offer users rewards and access to communities from which they may benefit even more. The on-chain data shapes the identity of individuals and reveals their preference with authenticity, while zero-knowledge proofs safeguards data from stealth. The universal decentralized identity system and aggregation of individual data underpin the trust network of Web3.

Bearing DID (decentralized identity) and ZKP (zero-knowledge proofs) in mind, Viide aims to overhaul the advertising industry and build a new value exchange eco.

And this is where DAO becomes relevant. Viide users are not only rewarded for their on-chain activity and attention, but also entitled to benefit from the traffic ecosystem governed by ViideDAO.

DAO breaks the historical platform-user dynamic. With token and governance, users (owers/holders) are more interested in fulfilling tasks, and are more mentally and financially vested in Viide ecosystem.

Fundamentally, people are all looking for a community they belong to and spending on what’s worthy. A people-owed utility like Viide is going to make the process of discovering community and exchanging value easier. 

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