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Black Series – Hitting All the Right Spots in a Niche RV Market

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Black Series – Hitting All the Right Spots in a Niche RV Market

April 16
01:53 2022

Every now and then, a product comes onto the market, leaving buyers stunned. Perhaps for its unique design, stylish looks, functionality, or ability to tap into a previously untouched niche market. And sometimes, people stumble across a product that ticks all of these boxes, as James Renshaw did when he stumbled across a Black Series offroad trailer at Kitsap RV in Port Orchard, Washington.

Contacting Black Series over social media, James detailed his experience of the brand, how he first saw one of these unique travel trailers and what led him to purchase one for himself. The article below is James’ account of his Black Series journey.

A New Kind of RV – A First Glimpse

It was early July 2021, and James and his family were rounding up their summer trip to Washington State. Having spent a few weeks camping in their camper trailer, James, his wife, and two children had spent their time in a campground. While it brought them closer to nature, the hundreds of other campers staying there took away from the experience. James’ tranquil holiday in the wild had turned into a noisy stay at a jam-packed camp.

But, while functional, his RV needed hooking up to the power and water supply provided by the campgrounds. And while James would have been happy in a more peaceful spot, there was no way his wife would have stayed in a tent for two weeks.

Perhaps what they needed was a more comfortable RV. As he was packing up the last of their belongings before heading home, James remembered there was an RV dealer in nearby Port Orchard. So he decided to make a quick stop there just to see what sort of travel trailers were now on the market.

Pulling into Kitsap RVs, James was hopeful that there would be at least a few trailers that would catch his eye. After explaining to the salesman what he was looking for, James, his family, and the salesman headed to the lot to look at the available options. Sadly, nothing appealed to him.

Except, what was that sleek black RV with the flashy red detailing towards the end of the lot? The salesman explained it was a Black Series overland trailer. Intrigued with the concept, James walked over to the RV and asked the salesman to tell him more.

The Black Series HQ21 – An Offroad Trailer in a Class of Its Own

James could not believe what he heard – a luxury camper trailer with off-road capabilities! The Black Series HQ21 had it all! Independent suspension and all-terrain tires, combined with an extra-strength chassis and exterior protection, meant this off road camper trailer could go anywhere. No more sticking to smoothly tarred roads!

James ran his hand over the gleaming black exterior. This overland trailer looked rugged and sleek, but how would the interior look? He hoped it wasn’t rugged. He liked what this RV had to offer so far but knew his wife wouldn’t settle for anything less than comfy.

He and his wife stepped inside, and James heard her gasp – the interior of the HQ21 surpassed anything they had ever seen before. A plush lounge area covered in soft leather, gleaming wood-finish cabinetry, marble-look countertops, and soft all-around lighting. 

Stepping further into the cabin, James’ wife found the RV fitted with full-size appliances, a gas stove, fridge, microwave, and a TV and entertainment system in the lounge. There was even a furnace and air conditioning unit.

Moving towards the bedroom, James and his wife discovered an independent shower and porcelain toilet, vanity and basin, and gleaming brushed steel fittings. The bedroom was as impressive, featuring an ultra-comfortable queen-sized bed and ergonomic mattress.

While the sturdy exterior and luxurious interior left James impressed, he still disliked parking this overland trailer in an RV park and expressed this to the salesman. What James heard next nearly knocked his socks off. The salesman told James that Black Series RVs offer extended off-grid living and come with features that mean travelers no longer need to depend on a campground’s amenities. For instance, the HQ21 comes with four large solar panels, batteries, and an inverter, a system that stores and produces enough power to live off-grid. Additionally, four sizeable water tanks and an intelligent control panel meant the RV carried enough water to last for days, and James could control it all from his mobile device. No more crowded campsites!

Ecstatic with his find, James thought about the Black Series HQ21  the entire way home. A week later, James headed to Happy Camper Too in Idaho, an RV dealer close to his home. He traded in his lesser capable but serviceable trailer and purchased a new Black Series HQ21.

Black Series – Filling a Gap in a Niche Market

After arriving home with his new HQ21, James took his time getting to know and experiencing every feature offered by his unique offroad trailer. The more he explored, the more impressed he became. These off grid trailers make it easier for travelers to head off the beaten track and venture into exciting and tranquil places, but they offer an entirely new camping experience. By providing extended off-grid living capabilities, the HQ21 makes it simple for James to camp in the wilderness with his family, away from noisy campsites, without compromising on luxury or comfort.

Astonished and excited by the new opportunities for family adventures to places that would have otherwise been unreachable, James became a champion of the brand. He felt that the off grid trailers fill a niche – there are few options for families with children when they want to venture off the paved road, and Black Series changes that.

Final Thoughts

In an effort to change the way travelers experience nature, Black Series takes overlanding and camping and merges the two. The result? A sleek, luxurious overland trailer that provides all the comforts of home. So, escape the crowds and experience the adventure of a lifetime with Black Series.

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