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The Origin of the ULA: From the “Pen Pal Path” of Najiv and Smolensky

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The Origin of the ULA: From the “Pen Pal Path” of Najiv and Smolensky

April 13
17:18 2022

We cannot deny that the life forms on Earth, over this long period of time, have constantly staged the emergence, evolution, to extinction, seemingly in a systematic cycle.

The law of the jungle is a constant in the history of life on Earth.

Today, the world is in turmoil, with economic downturns, viruses, marches and riots … This may be the opportunity for the world to move into a new era, and most people are wrapped up in the flood of destiny routed, self-evolution to bring about change is more relevant than ever.

Evolution is the eternal theme of the times – and the former “oligarchs” are no exception

The most typical example of the concept of self-evolution is the Russian “Seven Oligarchs”, the seven financial tycoons who made their mark in Russia and built a huge financial empire that was not subject to centralized autonomy. The financial empire of the “Seven Oligarchs” is a typical example of decentralized finance, but unfortunately, at that time, the lack of decentralized technology support, the entire financial industry must rely on centralized finance to operate, so the “Seven Oligarchs” financial empire was eventually dismantled by the regime. The “Seven Oligarchs” were scattered, either in exile or in prison for life, except for one, Smolensky, who was spared.

Under the regime’s crackdown, Smolensky was forced to go into hiding and quit the financial world, turning to writing and researching “autonomous finance” and “the feasibility of a financial ecology free from the threat of the regime”, due to the lack of a series of financial concepts and financial technology. However, due to the lack of a series of financial concepts and financial technology, Smolensky’s ideal finance was ultimately a mirage and ended up in depression.

Vlad Najiv, the founder of Ula, and Smolensky, one of the Seven Oligarchs, on their “pen pal journey

However, at the time Smolensky became a writer, he still had aspirations for free finance and wanted to build a large decentralized empire that would be completely free from centralized control, so although Smolensky became a writer on the surface, he was also studying more decentralization theory by way of a writer.

At that time, Smolensky had many pen pals to discuss the feasibility of decentralized free finance, and one of them, Vlad Najiv, with whom he had a good conversation, often discussed with him the ultimate form of ideal autonomous finance, and they had a deep exchange. Smolensky was so impressed with this young pen pal that he passed on his extensive hands-on experience in the financial industry to Vlad Najiv.

Thanks to Smolensky’s teachings, Vlad Najiv has gained a deep knowledge of financial theory and is often active in financial seminars in Russia. The emergence of Bitcoin brought distributed technology to the financial industry, and DeFi took its first steps.

In 2012, Vlad Najiv was first introduced to Bitcoin and began to step into the big trend of decentralized thought. Vlad Najiv keenly felt the importance of decentralization for the ideal autonomous finance.

Influenced by Smolensky, Vlad Najiv has been on the path of free finance for nearly a decade. Starting from 2019, Vlad Najiv was hired into the Russian Cryptocurrency Foundation, a well-known blockchain fintech company in Russia, and took up an important position, gradually growing into a well-known investment expert and professional manager in the blockchain industry, at which time Vlad Najiv’s recognition of free finance became more and more firm.

Vlad Najiv felt that “only decentralized, open and autonomous finance will have more possibilities”, and with this in mind, Vlad Najiv continued to search for the ultimate form of the ideal financial world.

Russia, under financial sanctions, calls for a new financial breakthrough!

The outbreak of the war in Ukraine has made the Russian economy under financial sanctions increasingly difficult, and a large number of undesirable (digital) assets have been left isolated in the market. Loyalty to technology, love for the country, and the need of the times all drove Vlad Najiv to be full of anticipation and forge the Ula project, dedicated to building the world’s largest platform for trading smart contracts and investing in financial assets.

Soon, Vlad Najiv formed his team and started exploring new weapons and rules under blockchain technology – which is smart contract trading, trying to build a distributed financial system that bypasses the sanctions and centralized path of traditional financial channels of NATO countries led by the United States through a decentralized application – DAPP.

Thus was born Ula, which believes in free finance, decentralization, technological revolution and privacy-based. Ula’s vision is to create a great era of human free finance, break through economic blockades and sanctions, achieve freedom of people’s lives and wealth, and build a new bridge for the DeFi wave.

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