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One App to Rule Them All – Fandrum, A Consolidated Platform That Gives Fans a world of their Dreams

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One App to Rule Them All – Fandrum, A Consolidated Platform That Gives Fans a world of their Dreams

January 25
00:53 2022

In a world where anything can be found online and entertainment is at our fingertips, a new startup has emerged to bring fans closer to their favorite entertainers. Fandrum is the brainchild of Samridhi Katyal and Vipul Chaubey and aims to empower fans by providing them with the best of social media, live streaming, and exclusive content. 

Fandrum is a fan-centric entertainment platform, where fans are given the power to vote and decide on the shows they want to see, the movies they want to watch, and the music artists they want to listen to. Fandrum’s platform gives power to true fans by creating a single app for all their entertainment needs. Fandrum will revolutionize the way fans consume entertainment by giving them a new set of tools that make them part of the process and not just passive recipients of entertainment. 

Money can buy a lot of things, but happiness is not one of them. But with FANDRUM, you can have a community based on your interests. You can find content that only people like you should be watching. And you can unlock magical experiences that only fan people should own.

Money cannot buy all the happiness, but Fandrum can! 

Fandrum is a platform that helps connect fans with films, TV shows, web series, and sports. It provides a number of magical experiences online to build a community around films, sports, and TV shows. The fans are rewarded with the opportunity to unlock rewards and engage with content that they love. Fans can discover content through the platform based on their interest and genre preferences.

Once you are part of the FANDRUM community, you will be able to watch content relevant to you, talk about it with other fans, and interact with your favorite personalities without any middlemen or barriers. This means you get unprecedented access to content from your preferred actors, actresses, and athletes. 

Fandrum connects fans with their favorite celebrities, movies, songs, and events. Fandrum’s mission is to give fans a great experience by making it easy for them to find everything about their favorite celebrity or entertainment. Celebrities from different parts of the world can offer exclusive content, sell merchandise, and conduct polls on the platform. 

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About Fandrum

Fandrum, the first Fan-Centric platform to create experiences for fans that are exclusive and money can’t buy is launching soon! Fandrum is a platform that connects stars with their fans and rewards fans for their loyalty. With an aim to democratize fanhood and reward super fans for their loyalty. It gives the fans a chance to share their opinions about the latest news about their favorite celebrities and to post pictures of their idols with their comments visible to other fans. Through Fandrum, the fans can take advantage of photo contests, win prizes for participating in competitions, visit the sets of the most popular TV shows, etc.

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