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Remove Image Background in 3 Seconds Using These Free Tools

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Remove Image Background in 3 Seconds Using These Free Tools

January 11
16:45 2022

Image background removal is a commonly used photo manipulation method in post processing photos. It allows photo editors to remove unnecessary items and objects from images. Background removal is done to highlight certain parts of a photo or prepare it for further enhancements.

Stunning images are a must for any marketing tool, such as brochures, banners, and posters. This is why background removal is important in eCommerce where it is necessary to draw all attention towards the products instead of the background.

Instant and Professional Background Removal With AI

Removing backgrounds from photos used to be a daunting and time-consuming task. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), however, the task is completed flawlessly in seconds. The AI concept is all about simulating intelligent behavior in machines to make them perform meticulously-programmed tasks. Aside from reproducing certain actions, AI technology also has a subfield called Machine Learning (ML), which enables a machine to improve its performance as it is fed with more data. 

Just like a human being who gets better with task mastery; AI tools become more accurate as they process more photos for background removal.  

Another remarkable quality of background removal using AI technology is its ability to process hundreds of images in a snap. Gone are those days when someone have to master Photoshop or any photo editing software to manipulate photos one at a time. These revolutionary tools do not only make the work easier but also increase productivity, especially in industries where thousands of images have to be processed quickly.

How to Remove Background Using Remove Bg

Among those that are used to remove image background is This app can be found in the Photos & Graphics category and is designed to automatically remove the background of any photo. The user only needs to select the image to be processed and it instantly removes the background. No manual selection of the foreground or background layers is necessary and the resulting image can be downloaded once the app is finished doing its job.

It only takes 3 simple steps to remove image background online using Remove B:

1. Select the image to upload the image.

Alternatively, users may also use the URL of the image if they are using a photo from an online source.

2. Instant background removal.

The app starts its magic once the user has uploaded the photo. Everything else in the background is eliminated while the subject remains.

3. Download the Output.


Best Remove BG Alternative

While it is a popular site for image background removal, there are other sophisticated tools that work as seamlessly, or even better, than Remove BG.

Remove Background From Picture using Removal.AI

Given its innovative use of AI technology, Removal AI is considered to be the best alternative for Remove bg. Manual background removal usually takes up to 3 minutes but this tool does it in a few seconds. What is amazing is that the results are like hand-drawn, making it impossible to believe that a computer program did the job and not a human. The automated process also allows the user to make it easier to create transparent backgrounds. This is useful in marketing where there is a need to constantly produce product photos and design posters and banners.

How Removal.AI online background removal tool works:

1. Select and upload a photo.

Users can either upload a photo or use an image URL if uploading from an online source.

2. AI Creates Transparent Background

Upon clicking on the upload button, Removal.AI automatically starts the process using a well-programmed algorithm. The clipping works in an instant where the background becomes transparent in seconds.  

3. Download the Result

The resulting image can be downloaded right away for free for up to 0.25 megapixels. The user may also choose to download in a higher resolution of up to 12 megapixels for a minimal fee.

The best thing about Removal.AI is that the app is not only for removing backgrounds. It is also built with a simple yet very powerful image editor. Enhance photos using basic commands, such as cleaning the cutout edges, changing the image size, flipping the position, add shadows, or add texts. There is even an option to change the background into a new one, or choose from the existing background presets. All these things can be done with leaving the site or installing anything. 


Aside from quality images, Removal.AI ensures safety of image files. All photos that are uploaded and processed on the website are deleted from the system after 24 hours. The professional quality of its background removal process and the excellent manner of handling files with utmost discretion are the qualities that make Removal.AI a superb alternative to any background removal tool today.

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