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Nobel Prize Winners’ Virtual Images Appearing on Stage, Opportunities for WIMI’s Hologram AR+AI Technology

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Nobel Prize Winners’ Virtual Images Appearing on Stage, Opportunities for WIMI’s Hologram AR+AI Technology

October 29
00:14 2020

Hong Kong – At the 2020 China International Smart Industry Expo Online Summit, Nobel Prize winner Kostia Novoselov “showed” in a brand-new way, a holographic projection, and shared the latest research results of his team. This year, WAIC was held for the first time in the form of a “cloud exhibition”, which also includes real-life holographic projection and real-time 3D cloud guest experience. Among them, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, and Elon Musk, co-founder, and CEO of Tesla, used holographic projection to connect video conferences.

Holographic technology is a technology that uses the principles of interference and diffraction to record and reproduce the real three-dimensional image of an object. The first step is to use the principle of interference to record the light wave information of the object. This is the shooting process: the photographed object is irradiated by the laser to form a diffuse beam of an object, and the other part of the laser is used as a reference beam to be shot onto the holographic plate and creates interference superposition with the object beam, which converts the phase and amplitude of each point on the object light wave into the spatially varying intensity, and then records all the information of the object light wave by using the contrast and interval between the interference fringes. After the negative film on which the interference fringes are recorded is developed and fixed, it becomes a hologram. The second step is to use the diffraction principle to reproduce the light wave information of the object. This is the imaging process: the hologram is like a complex grating. Under the irradiation of the coherent laser, the diffraction light wave of a linearly recorded sinusoidal hologram can generally give two images, namely the original image (also known as the initial image) and the conjugate image. The reproduced image has a strong stereoscopic effect and a real visual effect. Each part of a hologram records the light information of each point on an object, so in principle, each part of it can reproduce the entire image of the original object. Through multiple exposures, it can also record several different images on the same negative film, and each can be displayed separately without interference.

WIMI Hologram Cloud focuses on computer vision holographic cloud service. WIMI’s business covers holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising, holographic ARSDK pay, 5G holographic communication software development, holographic face recognition and development, and holographic AI face change. WIMI hologram cloud is a comprehensive technology solutions provider. Its business application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five professional fields, including home entertainment, light field cinema, performing arts system, commercial release system, and advertising display system.

Since WIMI entered this industry, it has started to lay out around the brand and IP derived from the brand, to establish its own first-mover brand advantage. More than 4654 holographic content IP reserves are subdivided into leading enterprises in various industries.

Holographic display is the ultimate form of display technology in the future. Laser display is one of the mainstream directions of current new display technology. From the perspective of the core component that constitutes the laser optical machine, whether it is a semiconductor laser or MEMS image processing chip, it is based on full digital processing display mode, combined with the optical characteristics of the laser itself, which may become the only technology for holographic display mode in the future.

WIMI has established a subsidiary to develop the semiconductor business in Hainan. Meanwhile, it enjoys the tax incentives and government support in the fast-developing semiconductor industry, industrial and automation technologies, the applications of intelligent vision and holographic vision, and many other aspects. WIMI hopes its new subsidiary will bring integrated circuit design firms with a wide range of proprietary technology to help develop the fabless semiconductor business. The investment and establishment of its subsidiaries are in line with the company’s requirements for optimizing supply chain management, reducing costs, and enhancing competitiveness. Furthermore, it also keeps in accordance with the company’s requirements for continuous enhancements of innovation, design, and technical capabilities. In fact, not only are most of the technology giants optimistic about the domestic chip market, but WIMI Hologram Cloud has also started a self-developed cloud AI vision chip project two years ago.

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