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Future of Films and Video Content Should be indie

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Future of Films and Video Content Should be indie

October 22
19:09 2020

October 22, 2020 – Independent filmmakers [a.k.a. indie filmmakers] have long been an integral part of the film and entertainment world. With almost 40-70% of the average film or television crew acting as indie filmmakers on the side, many aspiring filmmakers are looking for a new way to share their content. For years, indie content has been on display at multiple film festivals where indie filmmakers pay money to display their content in hopes to gain recognition. But the bitter truth is that even after winning the highest prestige at many of these festivals, the indie content seldom gains its rightful dues in the world of entertainment. Dindin TV, a new digital content distribution platform coming in 2021, is set to change that.

“For far too long, storytelling has been dominated and controlled by big studios leaving little to no hope for indie content creators,” remarked Amit Sharma – a veteran film and television professional and founder of Dindin TV. “It is about time that changed. Indie filmmakers deserve their due space and platforms that recognize them exclusively.”

While the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic have hit every aspect of human life, effects of it on the entertainment industry including the big movie theatre chains have been particularly profound. At the time when some movie theatre chains are shutting down or finding new ways to attract the audience, who have moved towards OTT or VOD (Video on Demand) platforms to consume digital content, Dindin TV shines a light on indie content.

“There are efforts by some of the prominent OTT/VOD platforms, which allow indie content creators to distribute their content and earn revenue and it is highly appreciated that they do this” remarked Sharma. “But you see, in the vast ocean of big studio content with huge promotions… it is almost impossible for indie content to gain the rightful exposure. Also, the revenue models are not very encouraging, in my opinion. An exclusive platform focusing on everything indie is the need of the hour.”

Dindin TV focuses exclusively on indie content. From trailers to posters to shows, films, short films or web series etc. There is zero chance of missing indie content once viewers are logged on to the platform because everything on Dindin TV is indie.

“Look at it this way”, added Sharma, “an average family might spend $1650 annually on movie and theatre expenses. But for a fraction of that cost, indie films and indie content can be supported through an annual subscription to Dindin TV. This will not only enable a healthy revenue model for indie filmmaking community but will also encourage them to make more and more content for family viewing experience.” 

By bringing indie content to various platforms, Dindin TV promotes a new sense of community and accessibility. The company will embrace an innovative revenue model for content creators. Licensing and marketing opportunities may help compensate creators for their efforts and further reward their contributions to the indie community. 

“Dindin TV is an indie platform for indie content. We are as indie as it gets,” Sharma says. “In order to ensure we succeed in our goal to earn respectable revenue for indie filmmakers and their content, we are working on our marketing strategies to bring in advertisements and sponsorships for the content on Dindin TV. Meanwhile, my production company, Cinemamit Productions, is currently funding multiple micro-budget indie films in various countries. We are encouraging indie filmmaking in every way we can and this is just the beginning.”

As part of the launch in early 2021, Dindin TV will announce its web-based platform. Plans to expand to mobile devices with iOS and Android applications are in development. In anticipation of this release, Dindin TV is seeking to expand its content library and is accepting submissions of indie content from filmmakers and indie content creators worldwide. 

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