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The book “Suicide Kills” explores intense themes of love, friendship, and mental health

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The book “Suicide Kills” explores intense themes of love, friendship, and mental health

October 19
22:12 2020

A beautiful book, written to commemorate a brother’s life who lost his life to suicide, “Suicide Kills” is an effort by a loving sister, Klaude Walters, to pay tribute to her brother. Professionally, Klaude is a successful singer, songwriter, and now an author, but in her personal life she is a proud sister of a late brother who was her hero, and always will be. Along with having an extraordinary life and an overwhelming career, Klaude has gone through many hardships and tragedies on a personal front. But instead of being stifled by the obstacles, she has learned to embrace all that life has to offer, as every experience is a new teaching. She has been a source of inspiration to many, be it through her music, her book, or her words. She never fails to inspire people and motivate them to do better in life.

Speaking of “Suicide Kills”, Klaude says, “I wanted to tell our story, his and mine for two very specific reasons. First, I wanted the world to know him, to know his story, and to understand the depth of pain that suicide causes to the ones left behind. I wanted to unburden my heart of the immense weight that his loss had been to me.”

Published on April 7, 2020, “Suicide Kills” has received a massive reception from an audience of all age groups. Written by Klaude Walters, this book has touched many lives. The title might sound a little cryptic at first, but once you read this book, it all becomes clear. “Suicide Kills” is about all the people who are left behind mourning the demise of their loved one; it is about dying a slow death every day trying to face the harsh reality and trying to find light in a life veiled with darkness. There are thousands of people who go through the same trauma in their life, but Klaude’s initiative through this book is to make them feel that they are not alone in this. Klaude has brought hope through the writing of “Suicide Kills”. 

Readers from across the globe have showered this book with love. It is evident through the amazing reviews that “Suicide Kills” is receiving from its readers. A review of the book by Ramanuj Basu from Canada says, “I really love the fact that the author added the tools she used to empower herself out of those experiences she’s lived at the end of each chapter. So often, these True Life Memoirs feel like they are missing that aspect. You always wonder what happened to them or how they were able to transcend those experiences and lead a successful life. With this book, you get that part. Some of her suggested tools are definitely helpful. Well done. A helpful read indeed.”

If you are someone who is going through the same phase in life or want to know what a person dealing with such a challenging situation goes through, this book is a perfect read for you! Get ready to be moved, inspired and empowered.

Purchase your copy of “Suicide Kills” now on or on the author’s website at and gain access to her FREE online course, meant to accompany the reader into a deeper level of introspection. The course contains videos by Klaude Walters, her music, worksheets, exercises and so much more to help her readers awaken that authentic self that lies within.

For access to the FREE course, please email [email protected]

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