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Facebook & WIMI Hologram’s Efforts on AR+SDK with Digital Presentation

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Facebook & WIMI Hologram’s Efforts on AR+SDK with Digital Presentation

October 09
00:54 2020

Hong Kong – A new experiment from Facebook shows how sound plays an important role in augmented reality. Chief scientist Michael Abrash and his FRL Research team (formerly known as Facebook Reality Labs) today released detailed information about what the team calls “perceptual superpowers”. It is the AR systems that perceive the sound you want to hear, and then amplify it and suppress background noise. Combined with the spatial audio function, the device can produce sound effects that overlap with the hologram in the glasses.

For years, Facebook has been pursuing high-quality virtual sounds through its Oculus virtual reality headset. FRL Research’s latest work focuses on AR applications. As an example, the company explains: “Imagine being able to have a conversation in a crowded restaurant or bar without raising your voice to hear or struggling to understand what others are saying.”

AR glasses can pick up audio by using a microphone. Meanwhile, it can use contextual cues to assess which sounds are important, and then use the noise reduction handset to implement these sounds. Conversely, if you are making a phone call or making a video call, the improved spatial sound can project the participant’s voice or other audio to a specific part of the room, thereby increasing the feeling that you are truly with others or “audio presence”.

Facebook’s work on the field of AR/VR covers a number of breakthrough technologies, such as the Oculus Headset, which allows people to challenge distance with cutting-edge VR hardware. As for Portal, it helps friends and family stay connected and share important moments in a meaningful way.

WIMI is an enterprise in the field of vision. The holographic cloud system developed by it is an exclusive holographic key technology. Its leading application of WIMI AI face technology has been praised by many in the industry. Mobile phones equipped with face recognition technology can be unlocked by swiping their faces. Speakers equipped with voice recognition technology can realize voice interaction.

The holographic cloud is a way of providing content for augmented reality, which allows you to see and interact with the three-dimensional images of objects that do not exist in the real world. Through the projection device, images from your phone or computer can be projected onto other media. The most commercial value of WIMI is its holographic technology. Holographic technology, also known as virtual imaging technology, is a technology of recording and reproducing the real 3D image of an object by using the principle of interference and diffraction. It is a three-dimensional imaging technology that uses coherent light interference to obtain all the information of an object. What holography technology records are not images, but fields of light.

At present, AR smart glasses are mainly used in the fields of business, such as industrial, medical, and security fields. With the iterative upgrading of hardware devices, the accumulation of application cases, and the improvement of public consumer awareness, AR smart glasses will not only be deeply cultivated in the market of business, but also gradually expand to the other markets and be used in games, entertainment, education, social interaction, and other aspects.

Scenarios that were previously limited by bandwidth and latency, such as telecommuting, teleconference, and 3D holograms, will also greatly enhance the experience with the development of 5G. The drop in terminal costs makes it possible to popularize hardware on a large scale. For VR/AR, the features of 5G with large bandwidth and low latency are conducive to improving resolution and bit rate, realizing real-time data synchronization at the millisecond level, getting rid of space constraints, and promoting the portability of terminal devices, so that users will have a better experience.

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