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Niupipo Pickleball Paddles – Always Fulfilling Expectations

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Niupipo Pickleball Paddles – Always Fulfilling Expectations

October 05
11:37 2020

Reasons to choose Niupipo

Niupipo paddles have passed USAPA testing which means it have been sanctioned for pickleball tournaments. Not only for professional players, the Niupipo paddles are also beginner-friendly. If some people who purchase Niupipo paddles for starting playing pickleball, the Niupipo paddles will be the great partner for them throughout their pickleball career.

In addition, relative to its excellent quality, the price of Niupipo paddles is affordable. Compared with other high-priced paddles certified by USAPA, Niupipo paddles are more cost-effective and have higher performance.

Choose the pickleball paddle that suits you

For the people who is beginners or not confident enough in their skills, it is suggested that MX-07/ MX-08 / MX-21/ MX101/ MX102 might be the best choices for them based on the requests.

For the people who like lighter paddles, MX-07/ MX-08/ MX-21 would be the choices. These three paddles use glass fiber to make their surface. Fiberglass face has more power than graphite face which can cushion each hit with supper pop. Polypropylene is softer and has larger honeycomb cells, which is a good material that holds up well. Because it is a softer material, it makes less noise and has greater power.

For the people who like heavier paddles, MX-101 and MX-102 are definitely suitable for those people. They are made of stronger basswood instead of poplar which is commonly used. 7-ply basswood construction holds up to rough use, making it a great choice for schools and community centers, as it is less likely to break. Also, this paddle is slightly on the heavy end, which typically gives the paddle more power. The generous sweet spot works great for beginners and intermediate players to get higher quality hits more often.

For the professional pickleball players, MX-22 is definitely unmissable. MX-22 is made of Graphite Carbon Fiber and Nomex core which can bring the ultimate hitting experience to users. Nomex is a harder material which will perform longer due to the high density of the material and smaller honeycomb size. Nomex also allows MX-22 paddles to provide players with a strong sense of control as well.

For the people who is unsure of their own skill level. The recommendation is choosing the best-selling MX-01/ MX-02/ MX-06. These three models use Graphite Carbon Fiber on the surface and Polymer for the core. Graphite Carbon Fiber is extremely durable, this material provides the ultimate in ball control. And Polymer core can reduce the noise when hitting the ball and offer great energy to spin the balls.

Generally, Niupipo pickleball paddles are comfortable to handle and works well in game playing. USAPA approved shows the paddles are perforated, sweat absorbent, and cushioned, to allow for a better paddle hold and long-time playing without fatigue. Edge protection is provided for ground hits. Low-profile edge guard protects the edges, yet slim enough to reduce mishits.

Every Niupipo USAPA Pro pickleball paddle is designed to be an awesome pickleball paddle for either a beginner or a professional player. A high-quality graphite paddle could help people have a better experience in playing pickleball to a great extent.

Niupipo, Feel No Limits.

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